Cedar Ridge Counseling Provider
Hello! My name is Lynn DiFatta and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Maryland. I completed graduate school in 2004 but began working in mental health in 2000. I have experience in both long term and short term psychiatric inpatient care, emergency care, and private practice. I have extensive experience in Trauma Disorders (PTSD, CPTSD, Dissociative Disorders, Anxiety) and significant experience with depression, self injury, mood disorders, sexual/intimacy struggles, and relationships. Additionally, I have given seminars and educational lectures on trauma, including childhood, adult, and vicarious traumatization.

My interest and subsequent study in mental health was generated by my belief that all people have struggles and go through periods of life that are difficult. My belief that life can be difficult for all of us at times, drives my core beliefs of respect and resilience. I know that seeking support can be frustrating and trying, however I know that support and help works. I have come to realize that our world has become increasingly stressful and isolative making it even harder to take the first steps in finding support but it is worth the time and risk to get started.

I use a holistic person centered approach. I pull from various modalities including CBT, DBT, solution focused, and mindfulness therapy. I think whatever modality or approach someone uses there is no more important value in counseling than authenticity and genuine positive regard for the individual and the relationship.

I would describe myself as kind, open minded, and honest. I would also describe myself as a realist who appreciates the stresses of life. I believe in a collaborative therapeutic relationship. We will work together to best understand you, understand your current situation, and we will work together to establish goals. Change does not occur overnight but it does happen.