Kyla Duhart LCSW, Cedar Ridge Counseling

Kelley A. Kujan, LCPC, is a Licensed Certified Professional Counselor who has spent much of her career working with those impacted by trauma through the lens of domestic violence and family violence, as well as with those who are effected by the symptoms of depression and anxiety in their daily lives. As a clinician, Kelley has worked with young adults to later in life folk within outpatient mental health setting using client centered approach, focusing on what the goals of the client has. Kelley uses primarily CBT and Solution Focused Therapy in her work with clients.

Kelley likes to help guide those she works with to identify and use their own internal and external strengths that can offer support during difficult times. Kelley is passionate about serving those who are vulnerable in our communities, and has some experience working with those impacted by historic abusive relationships, interpersonal family relationships, and those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.